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Cabinet dentaire à Versoix

Our dental office offers you a personalized medical approach and listens to your needs.
Our dentists are general practitioners and our dental hygienists ensure your oral health on a daily basis by preventing oral diseases.
Our dental technicians are on hand to adjust and offer the best product for your mouth.
The different specialties of dental medicine (oral surgery, periodontics, orthodontics, stomatology, etc.) are available to you in our practice and allow comprehensive care of the patient by combining their skills acquired in Switzerland.

Control & Prevention

Adults: CHF 140

For the little ones: 90 CHF

A full appointment that includes:

a visit with the hygienist for descaling


Dents, sourires

A dental office where the patient is the priority

A small team attentive to your needs

Equipped with the latest dental technology


Bilan dentaire


Know that you should not wait to have pain before consulting your dentist. A regular visit will allow you to carry out preventive care

Prothèse dentaire


A dental prosthesis is a medical device intended to rehabilitate teeth.
There are 3 types: removable prostheses, fixed ones and implant prostheses.

Blanchiment dentaire


Cosmetic dentistry consists of correcting the defects of the teeth or restoring their shine and beauty...

What do you need ?

Rendez-vous chez le dentiste


Only a small number of practitioners are qualified and authorized to perform this surgery.



Periodontics specializes in the treatment of the supporting tissues of the tooth: gums, bone tissue, cementum and periodontal ligament.

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Why choose the Versoix dental center?

Our mission is to provide you with the care you need: no more, no less.

  • We work with the best quality equipment and materials, 

  • Swiss products guaranteed by the Swissmedic standard to better protect you. 

  • Our prostheses are made on site by our own dental technicians (not on the other side of the world). Their presence guarantees a tailor-made result, precise work without having to travel and requiring fewer appointments to validate your needs.

  • We are committed to continuous training for your safety, comfort and satisfaction.

  • Flexible, we can offer you an appointment within 48 hours and we reserve emergency slots every day.

Our prices

Our fees are communicated to you for information only by the practitioner. They may vary depending on the type of care finally carried out in the office, the number of consultations and the additional acts necessary. If the prices are exceeded, the practitioner must notify the patient in advance.

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